About Ro

Happy RoRoseMarie Rubinetti Cappiello is the Author of Speaking From Spirit, and a Spiritual Teacher/Mentor/Leader with extraordinary intuitive, mediumstic and psychic skills.  In addition, she is a Yoga Instructor (since 1989), Ordained Spiritual Minister, Hypnotherapist, Hospice Grief counselor/volunteer, Reiki attuned, and  holds a BS Physical Education MSU.

I was not always psychic/intuitive. In 1995, I was in a car accident where I sustained a whiplash. I believe this opened my 5th chakra- unleashing my clair-audient abilities and bringing forth a latent ability to hear those who passed. I started my life planning a career as a professional dancer. I toured Portugal and Japan with the Tommy Finnan Dance Company and Majored in Dance/Theater at Montclair State University. In 1984, I switched majors to Physical Education concentrating on Adult Fitness. I worked in over 40 Health clubs and corporate fitness centers throughout NY and NJ, teaching group fitness and personal training.

I returned to MSU as a graduate assistant in Phys Ed. and began teaching yoga in the Phys Ed dept. My father, a physical fitness enthusiast and very progressive thinker, had introduced me to yoga and meditation years before. I began studying yoga in depth and my fitness career began to shift to include esoteric and energy based methods and techniques. After the car accident, my body was physically limited and I began to focus on exercise that was more yin based and less yang… which I now believe, was a Soul Re-Direct.

One night in 1995, me and a few friends decided to go to a Past life Regression at a Yoga Studio in Montclair, NJ. I had no idea what this was or what I was getting into. We went for kicks and I always say a door opened inside my head that night that I have not been able to close since! I had a very profound experience and when I came out of it, the pain in my neck was completely gone. Spirit began to orchestrate and synchronize things for me at this time. Teachers, books, friends and information began to appear – stuff I didn’t know existed. I didn’t know what a medium or medium ship was at that time until a friend took me to see RoseMary Altea in NYC.

In 1998, I had a dream that an angel – who I now know was Archangel Gabriel- told me I was going to die in 2 years. Not having any fear of death, I at first thought this dream was literal. What she meant was that the life I knew was about to completely change and who I was and who I was about to become were completely different.

In 1999, I was compelled to open The Yoga Center in Lyndhurst NJ. Having tremendous ambivalence and not much faith in it’s success, I did it anyway — Spirit proved me wrong. I had the studio for 9 years. It was here I began to step into a whole new world and meet a community that I had no idea existed. I hosted many metaphysical teachers, healers and practitioners at this center. One in particular, Ginny Johnson, not only opened my psychic and intuitive ability and introduced me to world of Spiritual knowledge, she was also instrumental in guiding me to Eamonn Downey- a renowned medium and teacher of metaphysics. During this time, I became a Certified Hypnotherapist, Ordained Minister and following my father’s death, a trained volunteer/counselor with Hackensack Hospice. Yeah, spirit kept me quite busy.

In the summer of 2000, I had my first mediumistic experience. I thought it was a fluke and would go away. It didn’t. At first, it was more than a little freaky but at least I knew what was happening- I just didn’t know how to work the controls . In 2003, I buckled down and began studying medium ship with Eamonn. It took me until 2009 to fully own and stand comfortably with what seems to come so naturally to me.   yin-yang-symbol

Currently, I work professionally as a  Spiritual teacher-medium-intuitive. I  have an online spiritual community  which meets monthly.  I also conduct classes at different locations on various spiritual, psychic and energetic topics. I hold group past life regression sessions , dream interpretations classes,  group medium demonstrations,  private group sessions and demonstrations and classes. I have presented at over 100 libraries across the country.  I love presenting in the libraries, and they are always always FREE events.  In addition, I  have done thousands of private readings in my home in Bergen County NJ.  I am also available by phone and video conference–Zoom. I sometimes travel to do private readings for people in their homes.  Some other classes I offer–  guided meditations and workshops on telepathy and working with spirit called Building your Spirit Teams. Currently, I am an Adjunct Professor at Montclair State University teaching yoga in the Phys Ed dept.

In addition–I am the proud mother of Nicolas, Justine, Julianne and Gracie. I should mention, all this development began for me as I met and married my husband and life partner John (for this life and every other). I believe the grounded foundation of our life allowed me to open to my highest potential and for me to become who I was meant to be in this world. Oh– and as far as the dance stuff…One of my greatest pleasures and achievements in this life has been to be “Miss Rose” to many little girls (and boys) in the Lyndhurst Recreation Dance program.4536523044